A few words for my son

Posted: August 11, 2009 in social commentary


The world is made up of two kinds of people, those who make a living and those who live. Those who screw and the ones who get screwed…leaders and followers.

There is little in between, the middle class – grey area – is a sham for the elite to keep people working their asses off and themselves at the top!

Never see life through virgin eyes which as I have always told you is a terrible thing to do both philosophically and literally.

Life corrupts, or at the least dents the genuineness of our souls. It screws us in more ways than an African leader can every imagine!

Do not sit by the wayside and let ye be screwed. Be a man of action, pursue and live the results you want. Fight to the top, take risks, anticipate, accept and learn from mistake.

And always remember, when you are challenged or down; get the fuck back up and fight like your life depended on it.

It does.

  1. I like the last two paragraphs. I take courage in taking a risk, in learning from my fall, in trying again…thanks

  2. Our Kid says:

    Very nice. Our Kid likes.

  3. Gish says:

    Great advice. thank you

  4. kwetus says:

    Well said.

  5. savvy says:

    Wise words indeed….especially getting back up on your feet because life literally depends on it.

  6. East African dating says:

    Very good advice. I find it very appropriate especially here in Kenya where life is a cutthroat competition.

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