It rains, it pours

Happy Furahiday bloggers, its been a minute.

Welcome to the rebirth…from the land of Naija movies for evening entertainment. I can’t get past the accent let alone background ‘louder than speech’ music, not to mention repetitive plots. Kenyans love their soaps…

Beware people, the city under the sun is under attack by corrupt politicians, a pretentious ICC investigator and ridiculously heavy rain. If you want to know how heavy this rain is pouring; ask your local sukuma wiki mama the price of one tomato. I do not know how heavy rains correlate with tomato prices but she says its the reason.

If you haven’t gotten your voters card by now, stop reading this now and get your ass one. Its the only way that we will avoid the Anan’s and Ocampo’s in the future.  Plus its your right to vote YES on the Katiba, exercise it.

Good weekend peoples.

7 thoughts on “It rains, it pours

  1. Good weekend. Indeed the cost of living has been on a sharp increase in Nairobi. We now have to do multiple jobs just to remain afloat.

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