Palin does Washington

I have been meaning to blog on various ongoing interesting topics but and never getting to it. Instead I keep on piling up on ‘i have to blog about this’ archive that I hardly ever remember.

The one story though that has stuck (besides hurricane IKE devastation and the ongoing fire sale on Wall Street) is the US Presidential race, America’s defining moment.

And hence Palin does Washington…of course not literally, at least not yet!

Americas Sweetheart, Obamas Nightmare!
America's Sweetheart, Obama's Nightmare!

Anyway besides Palin, there are several reasons the Democratic Party might lose in this year’s presidential election. And giving credit where its due, that was a gutsy call by old and wise McCain who shocked everyone and tapped Hot Alaskan Governor Palin as the VP, so far the risk is paying off for McCain.

I just don’t know how settled anyone can be to know that Ms. Palin could be the US President in case anything was to happen to John. Would she be ready?

Perhaps the most important factor that will have Obama working on another memoir instead of scheduling meetings with the Chavez’s of this world, is his party’s continued lack of the Testicular Fortitude needed to counter the Republican political machinery.

Observing the electoral process in US Presidential elections it seems to me that the democratic party is always being out hustled and out muscled.

Case in point, in 2000 and 2004, Al Gore and John Kerry respectively chocked to the drumbeats and chest thumping of George ‘I can’t believe I am President’, Walker Bush and the Karl Rove beat down.

My unsolicited advise to Senator Obama is to look deep into his campaign strategy and find how hope and change can turn into political counter Jabs to swing back at the Republicans. Because if for a moment Obama and his supporters think they have seen the worst of dirty politics from Republicans….well they will have another 4 years to hope for change.

**In other Unrelated News**
  • Please do not ask your mother what DSL means – instead google Angelina Jolie DSL, SMH
  • And in Chelsea News, the table shows Chelsea at the top. Liverpool will self destruct as usual and ManU is doing its best impression of an early foundation for failure.

Last but not least, a short story about a Playa by Birth not by training:

This guy dumped his girlfriend on Valentines day and gave flowers and gifts to a new girl the same day! Not to mention that this was in standard 8!

True Story.

Good week, good people.

Imus: "That’s some nappy-headed hos there, I’m going to tell you that"

If you haven’t heard or read about the ongoing controversy by radio personality Don Imus, please read the story on CNN, MSNBC or NY Times.

In short the controversy is in regard to Imus’ reference to the Rutgers Women Basketball team as nappy-headed whores. Coming slightly short of what he in fact meant: Nigger whores.

As is with routine in the US, he will apologize profusely and repeatedly. He is scheduled to appear on the Al Sharpton Show. He will most likely visit the Rutgers team and perhaps make a donation in the name of good will.

Meanwhile his employers will wait to see whether he survives this storm before making a decision on whether to fire him. My bet is that he keeps his job.

Truth of the matter though is that Imus represents the opinion of a certain group of Americans who still do not buy into the whole idea of ‘nappy-headed folks’ being equal.

What society continues to do is to mask this reality by superficially punishing those who expose it.

Leaders like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will organize parades against Imus. All media will condemn Imus’ remarks. It will be a well orchestrated show of the world against racist jerks, exhibit a: Don Imus.

And while this choreographed episode unfolds the issue at heart will remain silent. Despite gains by the civil rights movement, America today remains quite racist.

There are no facts or figures to show feelings but repeated outburst like this one by Imus continue to sustain this truth.

What America has adopted is a defensive mechanism against dealing with racism: in that it is okay to be racist as long as one does not make it public.

In the end American society continues to shortchange itself by ignoring the fact that America is still sternly divided on race.

Imus explains his reference to ‘nappy headed whores’ as a good joke gone bad. I refer to it as a jolt of reality. A poignant dose of truth.

The bible advises us not to judge but my God given wisdom screams RACIST.

America needs to wake up!

March Madness, America’s BS and ODM Drama

First of all I am still speechless from the Barca / Madrid game last weekend, simply Classic.

Then last night Mavs and Suns meet for a hard fought double overtime for the game of the season.

If that was a preview of the playoffs NBA fans are due for a treat. I still insist that Pistons will win the championship though. And on that note f*ck Miami!

Alafu March Madness starts right now. As usual one of my brackets has the Spartans going ALL THE WAY. With good reason my Spartan bracket is a freebie, as in no money bet on it; I am a loyal fan and all but when there is a chance to win $300 I put my money where my bills are.

Other tidbits

Is there any point of ‘bless you’ when someone coughs? I just don’t get it; don’t tell anyone and don’t expect it from anyone. If I could bless people ovyo ovyo don’t you think I would start with myself. Maybe it’s my non participation of all things cliche but seriously I don’t get it.

In Kenyan news the ODM soap opera is one episode away from being cancelled. I kinda feel bad for ODM, one day everyone is wearing Orange t-shirts and joining in the chorus of ‘Kibaki Must Go’; the next Bishop Deya of the miraculous babies’ fame is serving Raila dinner in London while Ruto Kalonzo and the rest mull over their next fake show of solidarity.

I bet two of the contenders from ODM will join Kibaki’s side when it’s all said and done. I would put my money on Uhuru, Ruto or Mudavadi.

Now onto to March madness. Good luck to anyone playing and Long live the Mighty SPARTANS.

America’s obsession

Do you breathe, laugh, cry, walk, run, smile and or sleep?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you are showing symptoms of a disease suffered by more than half of America’s population.

And seventy five percent of the half who answered our questionnaire does not even know they are victims.

If you have trouble sleeping we have a pill for that. If you are sleeping too much, well, we have a pill to keep you awake and alert.

Recent research studies by Dr. Paid for Opinion at the prestigious University of Pharmaceutical Marketing, has concluded that most Americans suffer from some kind of symptom that needs a daily dosage of something.

If you are not sure whether you need any medication, we are here advising that you probably do.

Dr. Paid for Opinion recommends that every once in a while a healthy adult should walk into the pharmacy and randomly pick some kind of medicine.

It is the only way to guarantee sanity in a fast paced materialistic world that will not forgive anyone who does not over indulge.

Are you just going to be satisfied with being healthy, alive and well? We did not think so thus we recommend you take at least one pill daily.

Be it cialis, vitamins, oxygen infused water pill, .025% skim milk alternative, fiber, food that contains fiber & vitamins…our list is endless.

Only in America. Buy and change your life today!