On School fires in Kenya

Absurdity cannot begin to describe the state of our beloved nation today. From Cord demos making Mondays semi holidays with IEBC demonstrations to now teenagers and whomever is helping them paralyzing the education sector… This country is heading towards chaos with a government unwilling or unable to take action.

The National Intelligence Service has advised the president to close all public secondary schools immediately to mitigate further destruction of schools. Cabinet secretary for Education,the admant Fred Matiang’i opposes the move and I wholeheartedly agree with him.school arson

Just like Al Shabab and like minded organizations work by disrupting the system and making countries un-governable,  elements guilty of burning schools have taken a leaf from the same ideology. They disagree with some decisions from the top and they will work relentlessly to make sure they get their way to reverse them.

Or they could have a problem with the decision maker as calls are already being made to oust Mr. Matiang’i.

I do not believe that changes in school term length is what is the issue here. The kids are obviously irritated but I don’t see them angry enough to riot and burn schools. After all its not as if they will ask to be back earlier in December when the holidays will be 2 months long. Plus the manner in which schools are being burnt seems systematic and coordinated, a bit too much for students to execute.

There are more powerful people orchestrating this mess. And there is much more at stake than meets the eye. Which leads me back to disruption of order and what the government should do.

Countries cannot and do not close due to terrorist activities, they find ways to overcome them.  The same should be applied to Kenya public school. This is domestic terrorism lite and the sitting government has to be able to stop it.

Let’s take the students, cartels, principals, teachers and whomever will be found guilty of organizing the chaos as who they truly are; criminals!  They should be tried, sentenced and jailed for their actions.

Mr. President please do not close our schools. Ignore the National Intelligence Service advise to close schools, instead instruct them to hand all information and names of those involved in burning schools to the relevant authority for prosecution. 

A reluctant stance in times of turmoil is recipe for disaster.

Keep Kenyan public schools open. Keep the country moving forward.

It rains, it pours

Happy Furahiday bloggers, its been a minute.

Welcome to the rebirth…from the land of Naija movies for evening entertainment. I can’t get past the accent let alone background ‘louder than speech’ music, not to mention repetitive plots. Kenyans love their soaps…

Beware people, the city under the sun is under attack by corrupt politicians, a pretentious ICC investigator and ridiculously heavy rain. If you want to know how heavy this rain is pouring; ask your local sukuma wiki mama the price of one tomato. I do not know how heavy rains correlate with tomato prices but she says its the reason.

If you haven’t gotten your voters card by now, stop reading this now and get your ass one. Its the only way that we will avoid the Anan’s and Ocampo’s in the future.  Plus its your right to vote YES on the Katiba, exercise it.

Good weekend peoples.

I am a corrupt Kenyan, are you?

Like many Kenyans, you will not find me in either the Anglo leasing or Goldenberg records of corrupt individuals, but I am corrupt. I have bribed and I have sought and received favors to avoid delays in civil processes, cut corners to eliminate inconveniences and once bribed to keep a drive to pass by Kilimani police station instead of going in for a booking.

The kind of corruption I refer to is the day-day (traffic cops) or once in a while instances (city council lines etc) where you will find yourself faced with a chance or need to cut a corner or two to expedite a process or avoid an inconvenience.

Would you rather bribe a cop a few hundred shillings or go to a police station on a Friday night to put 7K bond on untrue inflated charges? And knowing very well that you will probably lose a working day and possibly still end up paying some kind of fine to the court or incur legal fees to get the charges against you expunged?

Or if your child was qualified on merit score to attend a National high school but he / she was cut off because of the quota system yet you know ‘someone’ who would assist to get him / her placement, would you not take that opportunity?

Don’t we know ‘someone’ who can help you – even if not for monetary bribes in return – get a passport, license, permit processed faster than the normal procedure? Not to mention to guarantee that none of your documents will go missing in-between submission and your inquiry of whether they have been processed.

In the above and numerous other scenarios; I will be honest and say that I most likely to choose the easier way out.  This is not to say that I am eager to bribe or always seek favors but the way the Kenyan system works it behooves you to play to the tune of corruption channels.

Ask any business person and find out if it is possible to carry out business and government transaction without calling favors and or bribing for services.

I do acknowledge that not all Kenyans are corrupt or would succumb to corruption but I feel a good number would and does participate in the practice that keeps zero tolerance further away from reach.

Are you a corrupt Kenyan, are you corruptible?

Ministerial Circumcision

Kudos to Dr. Oburu Odinga and every other grown man who is yielding to the knife in order to promote circumcision in their community.

Research has shown that skin-less men have a lower chance of transmitting and acquiring HIV.

I wonder if Dr. Oburu and the other two assistant ministers will take circumcision leave from their ministerial duties?

And in times of hardship a quote…

Blessed are they who tithed well for their wealth was not lost on Wall Street!

good weekend peoples!