On School fires in Kenya

Absurdity cannot begin to describe the state of our beloved nation today. From Cord demos making Mondays semi holidays with IEBC demonstrations to now teenagers and whomever is helping them paralyzing the education sector… This country is heading towards chaos with a government unwilling or unable to take action.

The National Intelligence Service has advised the president to close all public secondary schools immediately to mitigate further destruction of schools. Cabinet secretary for Education,the admant Fred Matiang’i opposes the move and I wholeheartedly agree with him.school arson

Just like Al Shabab and like minded organizations work by disrupting the system and making countries un-governable,  elements guilty of burning schools have taken a leaf from the same ideology. They disagree with some decisions from the top and they will work relentlessly to make sure they get their way to reverse them.

Or they could have a problem with the decision maker as calls are already being made to oust Mr. Matiang’i.

I do not believe that changes in school term length is what is the issue here. The kids are obviously irritated but I don’t see them angry enough to riot and burn schools. After all its not as if they will ask to be back earlier in December when the holidays will be 2 months long. Plus the manner in which schools are being burnt seems systematic and coordinated, a bit too much for students to execute.

There are more powerful people orchestrating this mess. And there is much more at stake than meets the eye. Which leads me back to disruption of order and what the government should do.

Countries cannot and do not close due to terrorist activities, they find ways to overcome them.  The same should be applied to Kenya public school. This is domestic terrorism lite and the sitting government has to be able to stop it.

Let’s take the students, cartels, principals, teachers and whomever will be found guilty of organizing the chaos as who they truly are; criminals!  They should be tried, sentenced and jailed for their actions.

Mr. President please do not close our schools. Ignore the National Intelligence Service advise to close schools, instead instruct them to hand all information and names of those involved in burning schools to the relevant authority for prosecution. 

A reluctant stance in times of turmoil is recipe for disaster.

Keep Kenyan public schools open. Keep the country moving forward.


Facebook is addictive.

It truly can be addictive, my one gripe so far is the stupid and or irrelevant status updates friends feel obligated to share. If your status update is neither interesting, funny nor worth a waste of the 12 precious seconds it takes to read it, please keep it to yourself.

You might find this surprising but even your friends do not give half a shit how many spoons of sugar you used in your coffee this morning. Unless of course the sugar was spiked and you got high on Xstasy, ended up eye-ing your boss and now you are in HR begging her not to file formal ‘unwanted sexual advances’ against you.

Now that I want to read.

Politics: Kenya 2012

As if Kenya didn’t suffer enough (post election violence) and isn’t politically unstable (convenience coalition of the greedy); new political alliances are sprouting up in preparation for 2012 elections.

The graves of innocent people killed in post election violence are still fresh and the image of our country in ruins torment the memory of each Kenyan and yet our leaders cannot stop salivating over 2012.

They have started to rekindle and cement tribal divisions just 1 year later and ride the wave to 2012. It is a great shame!

3N Reads

Yes I do and I have a few recommendations for anyone interested in good novels, if you’ve read them hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

1.       Disgrace –  J. M. Coetzee

2.       A thousand splendid suns – Khaled Hosseini

3.       Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini

4.       The Power of One – Bryce Courtaney

I picked up my first John Grisham (Playing for Pizza) this week and I am eager to see if I join the millions of Grisham fans. Feel free to recommend a novel as long as it’s not a lovey – duvy – mushy type or science fiction.


My heartfelt gratitude to Liverpool for their heavy spanking of Christina Ronaldo and his ManUseless crew. If not for anything else the win gives the rest of us a week of peace from the arrogance & gloating of ManU nation.

And all the best to Michigan State Univ Spartans as they venture into March Madness.  This is the year, Go Spartans!

Know your Africa:  Meet President Andry Rajoelina

  • Madagascar president -assumed office today via a generally peaceful populist uprising
  • 34 years of age, former DJ (he was spinning as recently as the early 2000’s) and just fired mayor of Antananarivo (the capital of Madagascar).
  • The young Andry has scheduled elections in 2011.

At the age of 34, we hope President DJ plans to retire early and doesn’t have the ‘president for life’ syndrome that continues to afflict so many of our leaders.

President Barack Obama

My congratulations to H.E. Barack Obama, the 44th U.S. President and the first African American president of the United States.

A tough Presidency and time for America lies ahead, keep your campaign promises and bring a new era of governance and prosperity in America.

Palin does Washington

I have been meaning to blog on various ongoing interesting topics but and never getting to it. Instead I keep on piling up on ‘i have to blog about this’ archive that I hardly ever remember.

The one story though that has stuck (besides hurricane IKE devastation and the ongoing fire sale on Wall Street) is the US Presidential race, America’s defining moment.

And hence Palin does Washington…of course not literally, at least not yet!

Americas Sweetheart, Obamas Nightmare!
America's Sweetheart, Obama's Nightmare!

Anyway besides Palin, there are several reasons the Democratic Party might lose in this year’s presidential election. And giving credit where its due, that was a gutsy call by old and wise McCain who shocked everyone and tapped Hot Alaskan Governor Palin as the VP, so far the risk is paying off for McCain.

I just don’t know how settled anyone can be to know that Ms. Palin could be the US President in case anything was to happen to John. Would she be ready?

Perhaps the most important factor that will have Obama working on another memoir instead of scheduling meetings with the Chavez’s of this world, is his party’s continued lack of the Testicular Fortitude needed to counter the Republican political machinery.

Observing the electoral process in US Presidential elections it seems to me that the democratic party is always being out hustled and out muscled.

Case in point, in 2000 and 2004, Al Gore and John Kerry respectively chocked to the drumbeats and chest thumping of George ‘I can’t believe I am President’, Walker Bush and the Karl Rove beat down.

My unsolicited advise to Senator Obama is to look deep into his campaign strategy and find how hope and change can turn into political counter Jabs to swing back at the Republicans. Because if for a moment Obama and his supporters think they have seen the worst of dirty politics from Republicans….well they will have another 4 years to hope for change.

**In other Unrelated News**
  • Please do not ask your mother what DSL means – instead google Angelina Jolie DSL, SMH
  • And in Chelsea News, the table shows Chelsea at the top. Liverpool will self destruct as usual and ManU is doing its best impression of an early foundation for failure.

Last but not least, a short story about a Playa by Birth not by training:

This guy dumped his girlfriend on Valentines day and gave flowers and gifts to a new girl the same day! Not to mention that this was in standard 8!

True Story.

Good week, good people.

Obama to marry Hillary

I figure since Hillary really wants to be under him, it would only be right if Obama whose ancestors boast to own the greatest Omena (fish) recipe, goes ahead and asks Bill for Hillary’s hand?

“I like your hair Hillary”….”thank you Barrack, how is your water?” {OMG, OMG he noticed my hair, I hope I wasn’t over the top with water question..OMG!}

And you know Bill, he will probably not mind an Obama & Hillary union.

He already moved on after Hillary became all needy, presidential and honestly a tad bit bitchy if you ask me. In fact Bill is being rumored to be occupied with this actress (the actress is a known lesbian – HI 5 Bill, happy time).

And there is little evidence to suggest that Bill was ever fully into Hillary in the first place. Remember Lewinsky and a certain cigar? Now that’s how you serve a nation!

You might wonder how Michele Obama fits into all this, well, Obama only needs to look at his fatherland Kenya for a solution. His cousin Raila PM Odinga agreed to a Coalition with Kibaki, Lucy, Ida and the Kalonzo’s for the sake of Kenya and Obama should follow suit and choose Hillary for the sake of America.

It will be a difficult task at first (especially the convincing Michelle it is for the Country part) and Koffi Annan might have to clear his schedule for a month but in the end it will be worth it.

It would be a perfect 1 President and two 1st ladies white house. Cat fights will be pay per view on Wednesday nights with all proceeds going to benefit the MBWF (Men for Bisexual Women Foundation). Founding member, non other than Bill Clinton.

Anyway congrats to Obama and Grandpa John McCain, now the tough battle begins. I put the odds at 52-48 in favor of Obama winning but he better be careful and ready.

The Republican political machinery did get George ‘hey, I am lost’ Bush elected…TWICE!