A few words for my son


The world is made up of two kinds of people, those who make a living and those who live. Those who screw and the ones who get screwed…leaders and followers.

There is little in between, the middle class – grey area – is a sham for the elite to keep people working their asses off and themselves at the top!

Never see life through virgin eyes which as I have always told you is a terrible thing to do both philosophically and literally.

Life corrupts, or at the least dents the genuineness of our souls. It screws us in more ways than an African leader can every imagine!

Do not sit by the wayside and let ye be screwed. Be a man of action, pursue and live the results you want. Fight to the top, take risks, anticipate, accept and learn from mistake.

And always remember, when you are challenged or down; get the fuck back up and fight like your life depended on it.

It does.

A man’s right to choose

Men do not have a right to choose whether a woman they have impregnated aborts or carries the pregancy to full term.

Can’t a man then argue that they will not provide financial, moral or social support for the child if they had insisted on an abortion but the woman denied them that privilege on the basis that SHE was the one who was pregnant and thus the decision solely hers?

Why should an individual decision bear mutual responsibility?


Facebook is addictive.

It truly can be addictive, my one gripe so far is the stupid and or irrelevant status updates friends feel obligated to share. If your status update is neither interesting, funny nor worth a waste of the 12 precious seconds it takes to read it, please keep it to yourself.

You might find this surprising but even your friends do not give half a shit how many spoons of sugar you used in your coffee this morning. Unless of course the sugar was spiked and you got high on Xstasy, ended up eye-ing your boss and now you are in HR begging her not to file formal ‘unwanted sexual advances’ against you.

Now that I want to read.

Politics: Kenya 2012

As if Kenya didn’t suffer enough (post election violence) and isn’t politically unstable (convenience coalition of the greedy); new political alliances are sprouting up in preparation for 2012 elections.

The graves of innocent people killed in post election violence are still fresh and the image of our country in ruins torment the memory of each Kenyan and yet our leaders cannot stop salivating over 2012.

They have started to rekindle and cement tribal divisions just 1 year later and ride the wave to 2012. It is a great shame!

3N Reads

Yes I do and I have a few recommendations for anyone interested in good novels, if you’ve read them hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

1.       Disgrace –  J. M. Coetzee

2.       A thousand splendid suns – Khaled Hosseini

3.       Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini

4.       The Power of One – Bryce Courtaney

I picked up my first John Grisham (Playing for Pizza) this week and I am eager to see if I join the millions of Grisham fans. Feel free to recommend a novel as long as it’s not a lovey – duvy – mushy type or science fiction.


My heartfelt gratitude to Liverpool for their heavy spanking of Christina Ronaldo and his ManUseless crew. If not for anything else the win gives the rest of us a week of peace from the arrogance & gloating of ManU nation.

And all the best to Michigan State Univ Spartans as they venture into March Madness.  This is the year, Go Spartans!

Know your Africa:  Meet President Andry Rajoelina

  • Madagascar president -assumed office today via a generally peaceful populist uprising
  • 34 years of age, former DJ (he was spinning as recently as the early 2000’s) and just fired mayor of Antananarivo (the capital of Madagascar).
  • The young Andry has scheduled elections in 2011.

At the age of 34, we hope President DJ plans to retire early and doesn’t have the ‘president for life’ syndrome that continues to afflict so many of our leaders.

Interracial Adoptions

It is not in anybody’s place to judge a couple’s right to adopt a child of any nationality, race, religion and color other than that of their own heritage.

We can however discuss and question a peculiar trend that I have observed when it comes to interracial adoptions especially in the US.

Basically we see a lot of this:

Brangelina and one of their adopted child
Brangelina and one of their adopted child

And very little of this:

A black couple with their adopted white child
A black couple with their adopted white child

Why is this?

Could it be that Black Americans understand better the difficulties of social interaction and merging of the two cultures; or is it that white families are more receptive and welcoming to different races?

Or is it simply a factor of more black children being available for adoption that white children as this post mentions?

Can this discussion be applied to Kenya as well?

If you were to adopt a child, would it matter what tribe the child’s parents were from? Would you make it a point to raise the child with some awareness of his/her biological heritage or would you raise the child fully in your own culture?

Grand THEFT Auto

For the 4th edition of the Grand Theft Auto video game series below are some head shaking statistics from the first week of sale.

  • April 19, 2008 first day sales – 3.6 million copies SOLD worth $ 310 million
  • Total first week sales – 6 million copies SOLD worth $ 500 million aka half ONE BILLION dollars

Keep in mind each game costs approximately $ 60.00 and obviously one will need a console such as an Xbox 360 or PS3 which runs approximately $ 300 – $ 500. Then I heard on the radio this morning—and this I had to confirm— there are books for sale, guide books which sell at approximately $ 20.00.

A guide book for a video game …for $20.00!

Don’t parents miss the good old days when a hill and half cut kibuyu would provide children all the play and adrenaline rush they needed for school holidays?

Or an old tire with water/oil and two sticks to ‘steer’ making for a good safari rally. Who remembers… “I want to be Patrick Njiru, I want to be Patrick Njiru, I want to be Patrick Njiru…then settling for Juha Kankkunenn after someone out-shouted you to get Njiru”?

And kadenge na mpira, shake, kati, hide & seek…etcetera? Cheap and socially engaging childhood games.

I say good luck to 3N jr. if he thinks I will fork over $ 600 plus for his entertainment instead of multiplying that by 60 and buying approximately 5k shares of Safcom just like every Kenyan is nowadays required to.

photo credit:overstock.com

Who’s Your Daddy?

I was thinking the other day as I was listening to Tanya Stephen’s song – A Little White Lie (some lyrics below):

You got your daddy’s smile, you got his eyes
I feel my heart breaking everytime you cry
I’m gonna burn in hell, but its no sacrifice

I see your daddy, in everything you do
And if you could talk, I’ll bet you’ll talk like him too
but he can’t be your daddy, I hope you understand
the man who thinks he’s your father
is a much better man (why then tesa him?)

everybody keeps saying
“The baby looks kind of light”
and I tell them that every newborn baby looks the same
while I’m praying to God, “Please make your color change”
the emotions on his face when he’s looking at you

I couldn’t tell he aint your papa even if I wanted to
Oh God, and I love him, really I do, if he ever found out it
would kill me too, now I’m caught between a rock and a
really hard place (
oh, really?) I’d give anything to keep that smile on his face….

Long story short – you have put in 18 years of hard work to raise another man’s baby and the woman who promised to love You till death did you part; already did you apart kitambo sana. On your kid’s 19th birthday or when the chap is graduating from college you find out the truth….he / she is actually your best friend’s child.

What to do? What to do?

And I hope everyone is aware that this goes on more than society would like to acknowledge. Can you imagine how strongly women would oppose any law that would require DNA proof of parenthood!

In fact do NOT be surprised that your old man – the mzee you have called papa since you were an infant might actually not be your real father.

And I don’t want you to cause havoc at home and demand a DNA test, just let us know what you would do if above scenario happened. As for me and my family even before the pregnancy hits the second trimester all relevant samples will be at the doctors.

Call it lack of trust; I call it a guarantee on my 18 + years investment.



I know relationships can spring from anywhere including virtually lakini I have always been iffy iffy about e-love. I have a pal who met his chile on hi fizzle and their relationship is working fine but still…

And i remember during college guys always scouted and landed mamas from social network sites. Of course it was the typical exchange program – on the bigger side white chicks looking for some Negro loving – and that is fine by me as long as the end result is good strokez and not much more.

Can you imagine if you best man’s toast goes something like this; “when jimmy told me he met waithera on mashada and he showed me her pics, I could tell right away she would make a wonderful wife”

And let me put a disclaimer coz it’s always easier to be misunderstood than understood. I know this might hit close to home for some kbw’ers, no harm intended, just a discussion.

Anyway what do you all think? Ever been involved in one, would you? Do you believe in E-Love?