Starbucks Nuts

Would you like some….


So that will be 2 nuts, a vendi latte with 1% milk and whipped cream?

A tag

“This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant.”


Farmgal and Sibbie tagged me, not for the brilliance of my blog of course, but for tag sakes. At least it got me to get out of hiding.


1. You must brag about the award – look up

2. You must include the name of the blogger who bestowed the award on you and link back to the blogger – up above where you looked last

3. You must choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. – Down below.

4. Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. – Same place down there.

5. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!

Onto the list:

1. I am very comfortable with lying. Only few close friends and my immediate family can tell when I am lying. Good thing I hardly lie.

2. I first trust then question later, as long as money isn’t involved. I give everyone benefit of doubt until they prove otherwise.  Maybe I will get screwed real nice at some point and believe otherwise but for now extend the hand of trust.

3. I can be overly optimistic; I believe everything will work out in the end. If shit isn’t working at the moment, I convince myself that sooner or later it will, and mostly it does.

4. I am inclined towards perversion, not in practice but in thought. I can find a sexual / perverted angle to anything in a story, object, notion in life, anything!

5. I believe in God. Not so much his / her messengers.

6. I am a meaterian – person who loves / eats lots of meat.

I grew up in a mini farm, lots of kukus, some cows, rabbits, goats etc. Only pet was a ka small doggie which the watchman borrowed from us permanently just as it was starting to be brave.

7. I do not mix my food. If I serve nyama, spinach, ugali; each will occupy its own designated section on my plate and will not mix until in my mouth. Soaked ugali, chapos or bread is a major turn off to my tummy.

8. I am an interrupter and not proud of it. I do not do it on purpose and I understand how rude it can be but sometimes I am so eager to get my thoughts out that I will interject into someone’s comment and carry on.

I am a good listener though, at least I’ve been told so.

9. I like order. I place my glasses, keys, wallet etc at specific places and if I was to look and not find them there my first thought would be someone else moved them. I do not like clutter and I trash whatever I do not feel I need.

I am not a neat freak or anything but order is good in a young man’s life.

10. I am extremely competitive, can’t stand losing but do not take loses personal. I do not give up easily, actually I never give up; I will compete forever till I get a win.


Savy08 – young blood, great stuff

kwetus – new blogger

louiza – I was impressed by her first post

HnH – she owes everyone a post

wanjakihii – i like the name a lot

misswretched –  can’t wait to read

A man’s right to choose

Men do not have a right to choose whether a woman they have impregnated aborts or carries the pregancy to full term.

Can’t a man then argue that they will not provide financial, moral or social support for the child if they had insisted on an abortion but the woman denied them that privilege on the basis that SHE was the one who was pregnant and thus the decision solely hers?

Why should an individual decision bear mutual responsibility?


Facebook is addictive.

It truly can be addictive, my one gripe so far is the stupid and or irrelevant status updates friends feel obligated to share. If your status update is neither interesting, funny nor worth a waste of the 12 precious seconds it takes to read it, please keep it to yourself.

You might find this surprising but even your friends do not give half a shit how many spoons of sugar you used in your coffee this morning. Unless of course the sugar was spiked and you got high on Xstasy, ended up eye-ing your boss and now you are in HR begging her not to file formal ‘unwanted sexual advances’ against you.

Now that I want to read.

Politics: Kenya 2012

As if Kenya didn’t suffer enough (post election violence) and isn’t politically unstable (convenience coalition of the greedy); new political alliances are sprouting up in preparation for 2012 elections.

The graves of innocent people killed in post election violence are still fresh and the image of our country in ruins torment the memory of each Kenyan and yet our leaders cannot stop salivating over 2012.

They have started to rekindle and cement tribal divisions just 1 year later and ride the wave to 2012. It is a great shame!

3N Reads

Yes I do and I have a few recommendations for anyone interested in good novels, if you’ve read them hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

1.       Disgrace –  J. M. Coetzee

2.       A thousand splendid suns – Khaled Hosseini

3.       Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini

4.       The Power of One – Bryce Courtaney

I picked up my first John Grisham (Playing for Pizza) this week and I am eager to see if I join the millions of Grisham fans. Feel free to recommend a novel as long as it’s not a lovey – duvy – mushy type or science fiction.


My heartfelt gratitude to Liverpool for their heavy spanking of Christina Ronaldo and his ManUseless crew. If not for anything else the win gives the rest of us a week of peace from the arrogance & gloating of ManU nation.

And all the best to Michigan State Univ Spartans as they venture into March Madness.  This is the year, Go Spartans!

Know your Africa:  Meet President Andry Rajoelina

  • Madagascar president -assumed office today via a generally peaceful populist uprising
  • 34 years of age, former DJ (he was spinning as recently as the early 2000’s) and just fired mayor of Antananarivo (the capital of Madagascar).
  • The young Andry has scheduled elections in 2011.

At the age of 34, we hope President DJ plans to retire early and doesn’t have the ‘president for life’ syndrome that continues to afflict so many of our leaders.

I am a corrupt Kenyan, are you?

Like many Kenyans, you will not find me in either the Anglo leasing or Goldenberg records of corrupt individuals, but I am corrupt. I have bribed and I have sought and received favors to avoid delays in civil processes, cut corners to eliminate inconveniences and once bribed to keep a drive to pass by Kilimani police station instead of going in for a booking.

The kind of corruption I refer to is the day-day (traffic cops) or once in a while instances (city council lines etc) where you will find yourself faced with a chance or need to cut a corner or two to expedite a process or avoid an inconvenience.

Would you rather bribe a cop a few hundred shillings or go to a police station on a Friday night to put 7K bond on untrue inflated charges? And knowing very well that you will probably lose a working day and possibly still end up paying some kind of fine to the court or incur legal fees to get the charges against you expunged?

Or if your child was qualified on merit score to attend a National high school but he / she was cut off because of the quota system yet you know ‘someone’ who would assist to get him / her placement, would you not take that opportunity?

Don’t we know ‘someone’ who can help you – even if not for monetary bribes in return – get a passport, license, permit processed faster than the normal procedure? Not to mention to guarantee that none of your documents will go missing in-between submission and your inquiry of whether they have been processed.

In the above and numerous other scenarios; I will be honest and say that I most likely to choose the easier way out.  This is not to say that I am eager to bribe or always seek favors but the way the Kenyan system works it behooves you to play to the tune of corruption channels.

Ask any business person and find out if it is possible to carry out business and government transaction without calling favors and or bribing for services.

I do acknowledge that not all Kenyans are corrupt or would succumb to corruption but I feel a good number would and does participate in the practice that keeps zero tolerance further away from reach.

Are you a corrupt Kenyan, are you corruptible?

Bye Bye Scolari

You even mad Avram look like a genius!
You even made Avram look like a genius!

Chelsea Under Felipe Scolari:

86 game no-loss streak at Stamford Bridge – GONE

Key games: 1-0 loss to Liverpool @ SB, 2-1 to Arsenal @ SB, 0-0 to HULL freaking CITY @ SB and 2 humiliating losses 2-0 at Liverpool and 3-0 at ManUseless.

16 points dropped at home in the 2009 campaign. Not to mention Aston Villa is ahead of us in the standings.

At this point it is quite a daunting task to make up points and catch ManU for the title. Our only hope for the season hinges on FA Cup and Champions League titles.

You may have tried Felipe but the results did not show, thanks a lot Scolari. Could you please pack Drogba in your bags as you leave?